Thank you for visiting my page and for your interest in my photos. I am a landscape photographer based in Portland, Oregon that focuses on the natural wonders throughout the Pacific Northwest.

I've lived in Oregon virtually my entire life so I've been fortunate to be able to experience many of the places as a child that I now shoot as a photographer. With that said, serious outdoor adventures and photography are both relatively new passions for me. I began getting serious about photography in 2016 when looking for a new hobby to pursue. After casually capturing an epic sunrise, I was absolutely hooked on the pursuit of chasing light and opening up my world to amazing nearby locations that I had seemed to neglect over the years.

I quickly found myself completely emerged in the craft, constantly seeking out new places to travel to and for ways to improve my skills. What started as quick morning trips to the Columbia River Gorge has now fully transitioned into multi-day backpacking or car camping trips throughout the Northwest. In the coming years I hope to continue to expand my reach and photograph new exciting locations throughout the world. 

When I'm not shooting, I'm working as a Software Product Manager or spending time with my wife and our dog Lucy who occasionally will accompany me on my adventures if I'm lucky. Balancing work and home life with photography can sometimes be a challenge, but I try to get out and shoot as often as I can. For me, landscape photography is opportunity to escape my day-to-day life and to explore the outdoors with a purpose. 

Feel free to drop me a message if you'd like to get in touch or follow me on Instagram/Facebook to keep tabs on all my crazy adventures.